Metalizing with an Arc Spray System

NCS Is an SSPC QP1, QP2 & QP3 Certified Contractor:

We offer metallic coatings through an application process that uses a thermal spray system (i.e., arc spray) where molten or semi-molten materials are deposited onto a substrate.

Typical applications for metallic coatings:

  • Bridge components such as beams, bearings, columns, diaphragms, and expansion joints
  • Crane components
  • Gate components
  • Pipe and structural steel

Why use an arc spray system?

This thermal system is suitable for structures or components exposed to a wide range of environments. Treatment with the arc spray system can protect normally dry interiors or exteriors that are frequently exposed to water — from either just wet conditions or complete submersion. For components often exposed to saltwater spray or immersion, proper sealing and top-coating via an arc spray system can protect surfaces against acid-neutral and alkaline chemicals.

Watch the video below or contact us to learn more about metalizing with an arc spray/thermal system.

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